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Eurotunnel Freight Update - Drivers on Eurotunnel Buses

The health and safety of our customers and staff is our first priority and the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic make this all the more important today. Consequently, we have continuously monitored our operating procedures to ensure the safest possible environment for your drivers and our staff during their journey through our system.

As you will know, when boarding the shuttle and after the journey through the Tunnel, truck drivers are transported by bus to get them from their vehicle to the Club-car (and vice versa). The process is very similar to a bus transfer from an airport terminal to the plane. The transfer time for the last driver, once the bus is full, is less than 3 minutes.

Working closely with our Health and Safety Department and taking into consideration legislation and government guidance on both sides of the Channel in relation to social distancing and mitigation measures, we have carefully defined the number of drivers that can be accommodated on each bus. We also monitor the loading process to ensure that that the actual number of drivers never exceeds the defined capacity and, where the demand is high, we include additional rotations of the buses whenever required.

Under current regulations, the wearing of face coverings is now mandatory on our terminals, in our buses and on our Shuttles. Refusal to wear a face covering may result in a driver being refused access to our service. The safety and health of all of us relies on everyone distancing, wearing face coverings and using the hydro-alcoholic gel distributers to keep their hands clean, along with common sense and self-discipline. We count on everyone to respect these rules as well as our operational and safety instructions. Any breach will be reported to the driver’s company.

You may rest assured that the health and safety of our staff and your drivers will always be our top priority. These operating rules have been set up so that we can keep them safe whilst continuing to offer you and your customers the best quality, speed and frequency of service, consistently and at all times.

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07 September 2020

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