Eurotunnel New Vehicle Allocation Process

Eurotunnel Introduces New Vehicle Allocation Process

In line with their objective to provide a fast and frequent service with up to 8 departures per hour at peak time, Eurotunnel are currently reviewing their vehicle allocation process onto the shuttles in order to optimise the fluidity of traffic throughout their terminals.

eurotunnel check inDrivers are now requested at check-in to confirm whether their vehicle is refrigerated and if their load doesn't contain animal or vegetable fat. In this case, the letter “F” will be printed on their transport receipt and drivers will need to follow the relevant lane all the way to the boarding lanes. It is important for the Eurotunnel operational teams to ascertain in advance the safest position of the vehicle on the shuttle and therefore save time in the boarding process.

New Signage

New signage has been installed in the boarding lanes to ensure that vehicles can be allocated onto the shuttles accordingly and therefore enable our teams to efficiently manage the available capacity on the Truck Shuttles. Drivers will simply need to follow the instructions given by the agents on the terminals.

"By 2020, a Truck Shuttle will depart in each direction every 8 minutes. It is therefore essential to plan the upgrade of our systems and processes in order to respond effectively to the increasing customer demand." Eurotunnel Freight

If you have any questions about the new vehicle allocation process, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

09 June 2017

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