Freightlink Customer Experience - Ian, Hajdu & Mandy's Stories

It is our firm belief that the booking process should be simple, straightforward and stress-free. Our incredible team works really hard to make sure that this is the case. From developing the website in-house to answering your calls, messages and emails, we are continually focused upon delivering the best possible service.

Ian’s Story

Ian started his Freightlink journey through a recommendation from a friend who works within a similar role to him. He called us and was quickly greeted by one of our amazing team members who helped him set up his account. A member of our team explained all of the in’s and out’s of the ferry booking process and answered any questions that he had.

“Overall a great person and company to deal with.”

Following this initial experience, Ian has continued to make his bookings with us. Each time he calls his account manager (the same team member who helped Ian setup his account), she helps to organise his travel requirements and answer all his questions. Ian enjoys the personal experience provided by Freightlink and is always very pleased with the service that we provide.

Hajdu’s Story

Hajdu needed to transport a truck via Dover. When he arrived at the port of Dover, a misunderstanding from the ferry operator meant that Hajdu’s truck was being denied access.

Hajdu wanted to communicate with our team in Hungarian, so one of our multilingual team members took the call and discussed the issue with him. After the phone call, the team member was able to identify the problem and coordinate a solution with the operator, allowing for Hajdu’s truck driver to return to France. Hajdu was incredibly happy with his experience and thanked the team member who helped him resolve the issue.

“TOP service….Freightlink helped solve the problem and our truck driver was able to return to France.”

Mandy’s Story

abnormal loadMandy had to transport an oversized vehicle. These can be notoriously difficult to move as they require a special booking with the ferry operator. Luckily, Freightlink has a team that are dedicated to helping make these types of bookings, so Mandy decided to reach out to them for help.

Mandy’s booking was very short notice and she needed her load to arrive in Ireland the following day. Mandy called our Abnormal Loads team and asked them for help with her booking. They were able to help her by answering all of her questions and making sure that the booking was correct. This included making amendments to the original booking request.

“An excellent service, thank you.”

To make sure that Mandy know what was happening with her booking, our team kept her fully informed with information about it until her load successfully arrived in Ireland. She was incredibly pleased with the service that our team was able to provide and thanked them all for their assistance.

Our team are incredibly dedicated to helping you. We always want you to receive the best possible service and for you to enjoy a smooth, stress-free booking experience. If you want to make a booking or enquiry, contact our team now!

16 November 2020

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