Freightlink Customer Experiences- Simon, Martin, Amanda and Patrick's Stories

We take a lot of pride in caring for our customers. We know that you just want to make a booking and be on your way. Our service makes that possible. Whether you need to ask a couple of questions before you go or just want to be sure everything is in check, our team are here to help!

Simon’s Story

Simon made a booking with Freightlink and needed some additional help with getting some invoices sorted. One of our incredible team members was able to assist Simon, allowing him to talk comfortably about the information that he required. Simon was so impressed and pleased that he left a positive review commending the member of staff that helped him to request the documentation he needed.

“Very enthusiastic and professional, thanks!”

Martin’s Story

Martin made a booking with Freightlink and was pleasantly surprised with the service that he received. He got his booking reference sent to his phone almost instantly after making a booking, enabling him to start planning his journey in the knowledge that everything was going to plan. He was also impressed with the level of customer service that we provide. He noted how he was able to speak to a well-trained member of staff whenever he needed to, helping him to feel secure when booking. He was also pleased to know that if any issue was to arise he would be in safe and experienced hands.

“Good team of people you can speak to at any time. Very highly recommended.”

Amanda’s Story

Amanda has made previous bookings with Freightlink and has always been delighted in the service and the advice that she has received from us. She often uses the Freightlink App to make bookings and finds it easy to use and well-suited for her needs. This time, Amanda needed to make a booking with ADR (dangerous goods). These can be fairly complex if you haven’t had much experience with transporting them in the past. Thankfully, our incredible team was on hand to help Amanda understand and organise the process, enabling her to travel safely in the knowledge that all of the goods that she was transporting had been declared correctly.

“Once again, easy to use app and great help whilst carrying out an ADR job.”

Patrick’s Story

As the transition period has now ended, customers are learning about the differences in trading. It's really important for our customers to understand the changes that they need to make. Our helpful team has spent time calling customers and informing them about the changes that they might start to see implemented when travelling between the UK and EU member states (including Northern Ireland).

Patrick was extremely happy with the help that he received from a member of our team. They guided him through the customs processes to ensure that he was fully prepared for his freight ferry trips after the new year. This proved invaluable to Patrick who had a lot of questions about how Brexit would affect him and what he would need to do to best prepare his business and his team. Patrick praised us for the help he received and was grateful of the call.

“The phone call I had from Phil was very useful and much appreciated and we will be in touch for help regarding all the Brexit issues.”

Our incredible team are dedicated to you. We make sure that your booking experience is as seamless as possible. If you want to hear more of our fantastic customer responses, check out last month’s article now!

11 January 2021

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