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Full Steam Ahead, Brexit Ahoy? "A-stern" Message!

We are all too aware of having been suspended in a period of great uncertainty for many months and yet the path before us still seems to be unclear. But whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations one thing is 100% sure... we will continue to trade with our European partners well after all the current arguments are resolved.

Trade is the life blood of every nation and we are the players that make this happen every day. There appears to be no end in sight to the debate we witness each day in parliament and elsewhere, but this is all simply part of a process, a moment in time, and it will pass. And when it does we must be ready to thrive in the new order, whatever that may mean.

Are you ready for the next stage?

There are many places to get help but it's worth looking at our Preparing Your Business for a No-Deal Brexit guide. Being as prepared as you possibly can be will mean that any inconvenience for your EU customers or delays in delivery can be minimised or even eliminated. For example, applying for an EORI number would be a very sensible move if you currently export or import goods to or from the EU and you could also register for Simplified Transitional Procedures which will make things easier in the event the UK leaves without a deal.

Another source of information for businesses is available through gov.uk/business-uk-leaving-eu. Being prepared makes good sense and even at this late stage getting your processes and procedures in good order will help protect your company from potentially damaging delivery delays.

Ferry companies are already making plans to avoid congestion and may not allow goods to enter ports post-Brexit if the correct authorisations are not in place. None of us know what the outcome of this Brexit process might be but as has been widely reported the chance of disruption is very real. So, planning for the changes now makes good sense no matter what the outcome and whatever the transitional arrangements turn out to be. Being ready will help protect your vital supply chains and your customers. Acting now is not only sensible but essential to mitigate risk.

Hoping for a 'Ferry' Tale ending?

We all hope for the best outcomes but at the same time we always ensure we have contingency plans in place. With over 750 routes connecting some 50 countries Freightlink is working hard to provide support to customers during any transitional period. Look out for our updated No-Deal Brexit - Operator Requirements portal, coming soon.

This is no fairy tale. There are possible tough times, but with the right advice, flexible options and workarounds we will together reach that perfect ending.

Full steam ahead... never full astern!

03 April 2019

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