Tallink Shuttle Megastar Ferry on water

New Energy Efficient 'Megastar' Ferry to Launch 2017

UPDATE Tallink Grupp have taken delivery of the Megastar and wilenter service on the 29th January.

The new LNG powered Tallink Shuttle 'Megastar' ferry is due to start operation on the 28th January 2017 on the Tallinn - Helsinki route.


212 metres long and with accommodation for 2800 passengers, the fast ferry (service speed of 27 knots) Megastar will replace the M/S Superstar providing superior energy efficiency, environmental benefits and modern, innovative service solutions on board.

Advanced Hull Design

One of the major development in terms of ship design is the new hull form chosen from over 35 different designs. The Megastar hull has very low resistance with high propulsion efficiency. This means lower fuel consumption and emissions, whilst also providing environmental and economical benefits in terms of bunker fuel costs.

LNG Powered Engines

The advanced LNG powered engines feature many of the same components as standard diesel engines. However, Wärtsilä have designed an engine with enhanced optimisation technology allowing the performance of individual engines to be tweaked. LNG fuel is also cleaner (a massive reduction in harmful nitric oxide emissions) and as safe as diesel as it does not catch fire under normal air pressure. The natural gas also reduces noise, 25% less CO2 and a 99% reduction in SOx & particles compared to traditional diesel heavy fuel engines.

Safe Return to Port Concept

The Safe Return to Port concept ensures that a ship is designed in such a way that the essential systems remain operational after a fire or flooding of any compartment onboard. The ship must then be able to proceed to a safe port under its own power. During the 'Safe Return to Port' period, all passengers and staff are accommodated in a 'safe area' where basic services are available. Megastar has been designed with 'Safe Return to Port' regulations in mind.

Take a look at the Megastar website for more information. Check out our blog before the launch for freight and truck driver specific information.

15 November 2016

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