Winter snow

Service Disruption Update - Friday 02/03/2018 15.02

Several sailings and ports are currently experiencing disruption to their services due to the current weather conditions.

Friday 02/03/2018

Stena Line

"In response to a Red Weather warning operating and advice from the Irish National Emergency Management Coordinating Group, Stena Line Dublin Port Terminal 2 will remain closed to all traffic until Saturday 3rd March at 05:00hrs."

  • Holyhead <> Dublin : all sailings cancelled
  • Rosslare <> Fishguard : all sailings cancelled

Irish Ferries

  • Dublin - Holyhead
    • 01.55 : cancelled
    • 08.05 : cancelled
    • 08.45 : cancelled
    • 14.30 : cancelled
  • Holyhead - Dublin
    • 02.40 : sailing may be subject to change
    • 08.00 : sailing cancelled
    • 11.50 : sailing cancelled
    • 17.15 : sailing cancelled

P&O Ferries

  • Liverpool - Dublin
    • 03.00 : sailing cancelled
    • 09.30 : sailing cancelled

Saturday 03/03/2018

Stena Line

  • Rosslare - Fishguard : sailing cancelled


"Unfortunately the weather in Immingham is still very severe, and the Port Authorities are continuously monitoring the situation and undertaking meetings throughout the morning. However, the suspension on all movements still remains in place."

DFDS Immingham

Rosyth Terminal

"Due to continuous severe weather conditions, we have been informed that the gate will be closed today as from 14h30 UK time. We aim to re-open and resume operations on Friday 02/03 as from 08h. However, disruptions and delays might still occur."

Barge & Route Operations, DFDS


"Felixstowe port has not been operational, aside from a few hours here and there, since 22.00hrs Monday evening, and is still closed. Felixstowe port authorities do not expect the port to re-open until Sunday or Monday."

Senior Commercial Manager, Allport Cargo Services

02 March 2018

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