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UPDATED Tallink Silja Line Update : Sympathy Strike in Finland - Thurs 21/11/19

UPDATE 21/11/19 09.15 GMT Please notice that Silja Serenade can load cargo normally today on Thursday 21.11 from Stockholm to Helsinki at 16:45.

Additional information available from Tallink Silja Cargo.

The Finnish Seafarers’ Union has informed to support the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU’s strike in Finland.

No Cargo Units on Finnish Flagged Vessels

The sympathy strike will affect the Finnish flagged vessels Silja Serenade (Helsinki-Stockholm line) and Baltic Princess (Turku-Stockholm line) and this means that we cannot load or unload any cargo units on these vessels starting from Thursday 21.11.2019. First departures affected are from Stockholm to Helsinki on Silja Serenade departure at 16:45 and from Stockholm to Turku on Baltic Princess at 07:10.

Correction: Baltic Princess will load cargo from Stockholm to Turku on Thursday morning at 07:10 as well as Silja Serenade from Stockholm to Helsinki on Thursday evening at 16:45.

All our other vessels, under Swedish and Estonian flag, can accept cargo units except for Posti Oy’s goods.

No Handling Units on any Vessel on Saturday and Sunday in Finnish Harbors

The sympathy strike will extend when Transport Workers’ Union AKT has informed that handling units cannot be accepted on vessels to and from Finland during the weekend due to an overtime ban for their workers. Because of this handling units cannot be accepted on Sunday but on Saturday they can be accepted in Helsinki West and South harbour.


No handling units can be accepted in Turku harbour, neither on departure Friday evening from Stockholm to Turku.

Correction: Handling units can be accepted on Star and Megastar on Tallinn-Helsinki line as well as on Silja Symphony Friday evening Stockholm-Helsinki and Saturday evening Helsinki-Stockholm.


No Handling Units on any of our vessels in Finnish Harbors

Cargo units with own driver can be accepted on all departures between Estonia and Finland, on Silja Symphony on Helsinki-Stockholm line and Galaxy on Turku-Stockholm line.

We will follow the situation and report about any changes.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause.

Tallink Silja Cargo

21 November 2019

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