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Eurotunnel Freight

Eurotunnel Freight Update : Carriage of Weapons in Vehicles

Eurotunnel Freight have asked us to inform our customers that during their safety and security inspections, they are currently seeing an increasing number of incidents relating to the carriage of weapons or potentially offensive weapons being carried inside driver vehicles.

These incidents result in unnecessary delays for your vehicles as, on each occasion, they are required to contact the relevant authorities so that they may decide whether to confiscate the items found on-board which may also, in some cases, lead to prosecuting the driver and refusing the vehicle for travel.

They have also asked us to remind drivers that if you are willing or are required to carry these types of weapons, they need to be fully aware of the UK and French regulations before travel. The regulations issued by the UK and French governments are as follows;

If you have any questions about carrying weapons in vehicles, please get in contact with our Customer Service Team.

28 February 2019

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