Inverted Vehicular Stacking

Latest Vehicular Stacking Innovation to Revolutionise the Ferry Industry

We are pleased to announce the development of a revolutionary new ferry travel concept, which will change the way HGV and commercial van drivers travel in 2019 – Inverted Vehicular Stacking.

What is Inverted Vehicular Stacking?

IVS is when HGVs and commercial vans are inverted and hung from the roof of the ferry garage, providing an additional level of parking to existing vessels.

Using advanced hoisting systems, the vehicles will be suspended upside down for the duration of the journey before being safely flipped and released prior to arrival.

Who can use the Inverted Vehicular Stacking system?

All vehicles can take advantage of the IVS system, with the exception of those carrying loose liquids and eggs.

What happens during the IVS procedure?

Whilst the concept is extraordinarily ground-breaking, it’s only natural for seafarers to be sceptical. However, this tried and tested method offers a superior, compacted travel method.

Whilst queuing to board, two attendants will examine each vehicle with a measuring tape - we advise customers to consider carrying their own 5 metre tape as there may be shortages during the first few weeks, especially during windy season.

Do not be alarmed if your vehicle is examined by a member of staff. Measurements must be taken from hub cap to roof. Tall drivers are recommended. Depending on the height of the van or truck, drivers may need to stretch to reach the roof. Alternatively, they may have to hold the other end of the tape (during windy season).

If your vehicle is selected for IVS, you will be paired with a partner vehicle who did not meet the criteria and board together. Once the ground vehicle is safely parked, your vehicle will be hoisted, inverted and tethered to the ceiling. Please ensure your goods are strapped down to prevent spillage (e.g. cracking of eggs).

What do I need for an Inverted Vehicular Stacking crossing?

Aside from the tape measure, ticket holders will now have to carry additional stretchy bungie cords to enable suspension.

Cords must be at least 10 metres in length and be luminous in colour to ensure maximum visibility. A nice shade of lime green, shocking pink or neon yellow is recommended. Fairy lights for enhanced visibility are optional.

How will Inverted Vehicular Stacking improve the freight ferry industry?

Each sailing will now have at least an additional 73 spaces on board (depending on the number of vehicles carrying eggs and sloppy liquids).

According to Freightlink Director, Mark Stephens:

"IVS is really is going to change the freight ferry industry. We’re predicting the market is going to be turned ‘upside down’."

How do I book?

The booking procedure will remain the same as always, however we recommend you mention any loose liquids (and eggs). It’s also worth noting that the IVS service may be ‘suspended’ at short notice if the sea is a bit choppy (see previous tape measure - windy season mention).

01 April 2019

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