Freightlink team working from home

A Message From the Freightlink Team

Freightlink team working from homeWe just wanted to let you know what we have been doing to support you and your business at this difficult time.

Our team have been doing an amazing job of continuing to deliver the best customer service and provide advice to drivers and hauliers during one of the most uncertain periods of time we have ever faced.

During the past few weeks we have been operating in a slightly different manner to ensure that we were ready for this very scenario. We began a series of working from home trials in March to ensure our staff in each department could continue to provide the support you need. Hopefully you have continued to benefit from high levels of service.

We have been working hard in the background at planning for this. Although it meant some operational changes, the trials showed that we can still provide exactly the same service that we do from our Preston headquarters.

We now have a full home working position but are pleased to announce that we are 100% ready to help you with your freight ferry and Eurotunnel requirements, whether it is on the website, on the Freightlink App, by phone or by email.

Our opening times remain unchanged. As does our desire to deliver top quality service.

The well-being of our staff has always been our priority. The fact that we can continue to operate in a normal manner is testament to how brilliant they really are.

We wish all of our customers well during this turbulent time.


Mark Stephens & Phil Simpson
Freight Link Solutions Ltd

07 May 2020

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