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New DFDS Vessels to Increase Volumes on Turkey - Italy Route

DFDS and Ekol Logistics, a leading Turkish transport company operating between Turkey and Europe, will be increasing the transport of trailers between Istanbul and Trieste in Italy. The volume of freight units in the Mediterranean are expected to increase by around 30%.

DFDS will be expanding both terminal and ship capacities to provide the increase in volume. A new terminal and two new freight ferries (offering space for 450 trailers each) will be available in the early part of 2019.

Peder Gellert, Executive Vice President and Head of DFDS’ Shipping Division says

"I am very pleased to inform that we have signed a contract for the use of a recently built RoRo terminal in Yalova southeast of Istanbul. This is a very important move to effectively reduce constraints in terminal capacity so we can ensure a more frictionless flow for our customers. Adding calls to Yalova also provides a wider geographic coverage for our many customers in and around Istanbul.

I am really happy that we are able to extend our service to the hauliers and logistics providers trading between Turkey and the EU. We have a strong belief in the potential of this trade which links some of the world’s largest and most dynamic industrial regions, and we will continue to invest in providing an even more robust and reliable supply chain that support growth and jobs on both sides also in the future."

Selcuk Boztepe, Senior Vice President and Head of DFDS’ Business Unit Mediterranean, adds:

"Since DFDS’ investment in the Turkish company U.N Ro-Ro in June 2018, we have already invested in lengthening of the ships to provide more capacity for our customers and in environmental equipment to adapt the fleet to new 2020 legislation. DFDS has also established a new IT development center in Istanbul adding new colleagues to DFDS in Turkey. With this new customer agreement and increased capacity in the fleet and ports, DFDS will continue to support Turkish exports and transport industries."

08 January 2019

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