Red Funnel goes green

Red Funnel Announces New Long Term 'Green' Ferry Strategy

Isle of Wight ferry operator Red Funnel has announced a new long term environmental strategy with a strong focus on air quality and biofuel.

From early October, the main engines and generators of the MV Red Falcon will operate exclusively on Green-D Biofuel. This will enable a significant reduction in sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and soot particles in exhaust gases.

Red Funnel are also encouraging commercial customers not to idle their engines when waiting to board or disembark from the ferries. This will improve air quality not only in the terminals, but also on the ferry decks. Modern vehicles do not need to have their engines running when idle. Leaving an engine running whilst idle results in up to 10 times more contaminants inside the vehicle than outside the vehicle and releases a considerable amount of carbon dioxide into the environment.

The anti-idling scheme also applies to Red Funnel's ferries operating between Southampton and Cowes. Where possible, the operator will be reducing the amount of time that vessels engines are running idle.

Fran Collins, Red Funnel’s CEO said

“Environmental protection and sustainability has been part of our brand ethos for many years. In the mid-90’s, we voluntarily switched to using less-polluting low-Sulphur fuel which recently became mandatory in UK waters and in 2011 we were also one of first ferry companies to achieve ISO 14001 accreditation in recognition of our processes and systems to protect the environment.

“Our new ‘Red goes Green’ strategy incorporates discounts for electric vehicles, the trial use of eco-friendly Biofuel and a pledge to reduce waste, improve recycling and encourage changes in consumer behavior. In summary, it marks the next step in a journey with our customers, suppliers and partners to safeguard the natural environment and reduce our ecological footprint.”

20 September 2018

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