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Unity Line Update - Transportation Of Hay, Straw And Their Derivatives

Due to the growing interest of transportation of straw and hay, we would like to remind, that such goods according to IMDG code (Maritime Transport) in transport are treated as Dangerous Good UN 1327, class 4.1. In ferry transport it must have less than 14% moisture content and it must be transported in special cargo units or in appropriate containers. Usefulness of transport should be confirmed with certificate from certified cargo surveyor and as each dangerous good, such transport should be declared on booking, 24 hours before planned departure.

At the same time, we would like to remind, that passenger ferries “POLONIA” and “SKANIA” are excluded from transportation of dangerous goods. On other ferries such booking will have status “Waiting List”, because the final approval in this matter is always giving the Captain of the ferry.

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If you have any questions about the ferry transport of hay, straw or similar, contact our customer service team.

13 August 2018

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