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How To Change Who Receives Booking Notifications

How To Change Who Receives Booking Notifications

We've added some more features! This month's website update includes the new ability to change who receives booking notifications on your account. Check out our 90 second demonstration video...

04 October 2016
Lonely HGV driver

Health Series: Part 2 - Avoid Loneliness On The Road

Last month we brought you the first article in our new health series which focused on driver posture on the road. As mentioned in that article, the health and wellbeing of our customers is important...

30 September 2016
Winter's coming

Winter's Coming...! 9 Things That Will Happen This Winter

1 Winter clothes come out of the wardrobe 2 Hot chocolate is acceptable any time of the day 3 It's dark. Light some candles. Lots of candles...

27 September 2016
Oktoberfest people

Everything you've ever needed to know about the Oktoberfest

Since its conception in 1810 and with its significance to Bavarian culture the Oktoberfest understandably has solidified its position within history. The Oktoberfest itself takes place every year on...

21 September 2016
Bay Gateway Heysham M6 link road

The Bay Gateway Heysham M6 Link Road Gets An Opening Date

The new Bay Gateway M6 link road connecting Heysham Port directly to Junction 34 of the M6 will open on the 31st October 2016. We recently reported on the HGV movement strategy consultation on the...

19 September 2016
newsletter button

New Look Freightlink Newsletter Launched

Our new look Freightlink Newsletter is now available. Filled with all the latest ferry industry news, fuel surcharges, what's going on at Freightlink and this month, the start of our Healthy...

13 September 2016
Bristol port

Seatruck Freight Ferries Launch New Bristol-Dublin Route

Last month we reported on the development of the new M6 link road to Heysham which will reduce travel time for HGVs. Seatruck have now started a weekend service from Bristol to Dublin...

12 September 2016
scandlines hybrid ferry

What are Hybrid Ferries?

Hybrid vehicles are now common place on our roads, but not until recently have we seen development of the technology within the ferry industry. Hybrid cars typically use a combination of an...

12 September 2016
How To Book a Ferry with Our Interactive Port Map

How To Book a Ferry with Our Interactive Port Map

This month, we give you a brief demonstration of how to use our Interactive Port Map to make a freight ferry booking. You can use the map to book a freight ferry ‘from this port, to this port’ and...

07 September 2016


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