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Tunnel boring machine Ada, about to be deployed at the Royal Oak Crossrail portal

Introduction to ferries for Shopfitting and Construction

Welcome to the freight knowledge centre, with a special dedicated section for those of you who work in the construction and shopfitting industries. We know that transport is something that purely...

17 June 2014
events and concerts require freight to transport equipment across europe - pic of Metallica in concert

Introduction to ferries for Events Companies

Welcome to the Freightlink knowledge centre, with a special dedicated section for those of you who work in the events, exhibition and entertainment industry. We know that transport is a big part...

17 June 2014
image of rowers in a boat because non-transport businesses also book ferries for their freight needs

Introduction to ferries for non-transport businesses

We know that every business sometimes needs to get over the water and you might not have a clue where to start. Here we look to help every business transport or not, big or small, get what they...

30 May 2014

Introduction to ferries for Hauliers

Welcome to the dedicated Haulier section of the Freightlink Knowledge Centre. For those of you with trucking in your blood, we know that you know virtually everything there is to know. But here, we...

30 May 2014
Freightlink UK to Europe

Infographic: How dependent is the UK economy on freight ferries? is setting a standard in finding the best ferry freight quotes for small and medium sized business; primarily serving UK SME’s to project their own businesses further into the year...

29 May 2014
Courier moving freight in yellow van

Introduction to ferries for Couriers

Welcome to the Freightlink knowledge centre, especially for you in the courier industry. Couriers are a vital part of the transport industry moving those express parcels at all hours of day and night...

22 May 2014
DFDS Seaways Esbjerg Freight Ferry

DFDS Seaways Announce Closure of Harwich to Esbjerg Freight Ferry

DFDS Seaways have announced they are to close the last passenger ferry service between the UK and Scandinavia later this year. The historic Harwich to Esbjerg route will be closed on 29 September...

01 May 2014
P&O Ferries Cairnryan Port

P&O upgrade Cairnryan port

P&O Ferries have commenced work on a major upgrade to the Scottish port of Cairnryan. A new roll-on and roll-off linkspan is being installed at the port, and is expected to be completed by the...

23 January 2013
DFDS Seaways Newcastle to Norway Ferry

Newcastle - Norway ferry link could be restored

A joint initiative from the Bergen and Stavanger tourist industry means that a new UK – Norway ferry route could be established. Progress has been made in the project, and following considerable...

26 July 2012


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