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BAF Fuel Surcharge Summary - August 2020

MARPOL prices have seen a slight increase on some routes this month.

DFDS Dover <> Calais and P&O Dover <> Calais MARPOL rates are £0.00 again this month.

Stena Line BAF rates on the Holyhead - Dublin route are once again £0.00 per metre, whilst Seatruck Ferries BAF is 17.5% and MARPOL is up slightly to £0.02 per metre.

A full list of prices can be found on our Latest Ferry Operator BAF Surcharge page. Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSS) examples are also available.

BAF is a fuel surcharge used by some operators to contribute towards the huge fuel costs of operating the ferry. This is an additional charge per booking and is decided on a monthly basis by the operators depending on fuel costs.

It is important for us to point out that this charge is not unique to Freightlink and is an unavoidable cost decided by the operator. All bookings will be charged the surcharge applicable at the time of travel, if you are booking for travel within the current month, prices shown on our website include any applicable fuel surcharges for your convenience.

BAF can vary massively between operators and routes, longer ferry crossings burn more fuel which tends to result in a higher surcharge. Some operators decide this charge based on a percentage of the fare whereas others charge per unit which may vary depending on the size of your vehicle. Some routes also have a MARPOL or sulphur charge. Essentially, the price of fuel at the time of sailing dictates the amount of surcharge and is the reason it changes month to month.

05 August 2020

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