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Grimaldi Group to Adhere to SAILS Charter

Grimaldi Group has confirmed its willingness to contribute to the protection and enhancement of the marine environment by adhering to the "SAILS" (Sustainable Actions for Innovative and Low-impact Shipping) charter.

For companies that operate in the sea transport sector, it is an opportunity for them to officially outline their commitment to improving their environmental impact on the planet.

The initiative launched last July by the French Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition, with the support of Armateurs de France (France's Shipping Association), with ten members already signed up.

The Grimaldi Group is the first Italian shipping company to have signed the charter meaning that, in addition to its regulatory obligations, it will implement specific actions such as the decrease of atmospheric pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions, the reaction of the underwater noise impact of ships, the optimization of ships energy performance, the fight against invasive species, the protection of cetaceans.

Gianluca Grimaldi, President of the Grimaldi Group, has stated;

"We have always deemed essential to promote and adopt good practices in maritime transport for the protection of the marine and coastal environment. This last initiative fits in and strengthens our group's green commitment, which is recent years has translated in significant investments aimed at reducing harmful emissions from its operations."

The Neapolitan Group has already implemented important green retrofit programs for its existing fleet over the years. The state-of-the-art green ships that are being developed at the minute will join the Grimaldi Fleet sometime between 2020 and 2022. They will be the first examples of a new series of hybrid Ro-Ro vessels which, to guarantee a zero-emissions operation, will use fossil fuel during navigation and electricity whilst in port.

Green investments can also be found in the terminals, where solar panels and wind turbines will be installed. Moreover, the Grimaldi Group and its sister company Valencia Terminal Europa (VTE) have recently joined the European project "H2PORTS - Implementing Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies in Ports", whose main aims to provide efficient solutions that will facilitate a rapid transition from a fossil fuel-based to a low-carbon, zero-emissions industry.

15 October 2019

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